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Acne Facial Treatments to Cleanse and De-Congest the Skin

Acne facial

Skin cleansing during acne treatment

Before starting a home regime for acne treatment it is sometimes a good idea to have a professional acne facial treatment to cleanse and de congest the skin. A professional acne treatment follows a personal prescriptive course and may include extraction for blackheads and excision of cysts followed by high frequency treatment to disinfect and dry out skin lesions. Our skin care expert will carry out professional acne facial treatments using the Medik8 system. Specialist Medik8 acne products are available to continue your treatment at home.

Products used during treatment may include topical anti-inflammatory such as salicylic acid to calm the skin after treatment.

For severe acne, Acne Facials can be carried out at regular intervals until your skin becomes better after which you can easily keep the acne at bay using our specialist acne products at home. Starting your acne treatment by having professional acne facials at the clinic may mean that your acne clears quicker than just relying on home treatment.


Blackhead Extraction

Congestion in the form of blackheads can easily be relieved during a professional acne facial treatment. Squeezing blackheads at home can result in bruising, scarring or squeezing the blackhead deeper into the skin causing infection leading to more cysts and pustules. We use steam extraction and correct methods to ensure skin is de congested without causing damage.


Cyst Excision

There are various ways to relieve cysts. Generally cysts can be softened with steam and successfully excised during a facial treatment. Advanced cosmetic procedures can be used for individual problem cysts which might not yield to steam treatment.


High Frequency Treatment

High Frequency Treatment

High frequency treatment

Direct High frequency is an advanced facial treatment which benefits most skin types, but in particular it helps clear up skin conditions such as acne and hormonal breakouts. Direct High Frequency uses a glass mushroom shaped electrode filled with argon gas. As the High frequency current is passed down the electrode an oxygen pocket is created between the electrode and the skin causing the oxygen to become unstable and turn into ozone. Ozone is highly antibacterial in nature and also, the direct current helps dry out spots and has an antibacterial effect, so is good for oilier skins or those with a few specific acne blemishes.


Anti-inflammatory Treatment

Anti-inflammatory agents are added to the skin towards the end of treatment to help calm the skin down after treatment. Anti-inflammatories may include salicylic acid ( an Aspirin derivative). Salycilic acid is also a powerful AHA which is useful for preventing pores from clogging in the future and products containing it may also be recommended as part of your ongoing home treatment.

Dermalux Treatment

Dermalux phototherapy is a light based treatment which is highly effective. Have you ever noticed how your skin improves in the summer? Dermalux LED phototherapy reproduces the same properties of sunlight without the sun’s harmful UV light – Dermalux is a clinically proven treatment which kills acne bacteria. It is a safe treatment even for the most sensitive skin. Dermalux works because acne bacteria produces substances called porphyrins. These porphyrins absorb blue light energy, which is antibacterial. Dermalux is suitable for all skin types including darker skins, teenage skin and stubborn cystic acne. It’s an effective alternative if your skin does not respond to other acne treatments, medicated acne creams or has become antibiotic resistant.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

IPL Acne Therapy is an effective light-based treatment. The IPL Acne Therapy destroys acne bacteria. IPL, “Intense Pulse Light” is a safe acne treatments and it is proven to be extremely effective on moderate inflammatory acne. Its technology uses light that is UV-filtered and has no known side effects.

Home Care

We stock acne products by Obagi, Medik8 and Arbonne.  All the products we stock are dermatologically tested.

Evolutions Clinic is ready to assist you in a successful acne treatment regimen.  Contact us on 01962 809937 for your consultation.


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