Benign Skin Lesion Removal in Winchester

19 Dec 2012, by Cathy Blackburn in Blemish removal, Hampshire, Southampton, Uncategorized, Winchester

Warts, skin tags, blood spots, filiforms; what do they all have in common? Well they are all what your GP will put under the banner of “benign skin lesions”. Benign simply means they are of no medical concern. However, this isn’t to say that you need to put up with unsightly blemishes and skin lesions just because they are benign. If you dislike any benign skin lesion then come and talk to us. We offer effective cosmetic treatment and benign skin lesion removal in Winchester at The Evolutions Clinic.

Skin tags and other benign lesions can be quickly removed using cosmetic diathermy. We also treat thread veins, spider veins, blood spots and other vascular marks and vascular lesions using cosmetic diathermy. Cosmetic Diathermy is our treatment of choice for blemish removal because it is precise and the results are cosmetically very good with little or no scarring.

Benign skin lesion removal in Winchester at The Evolutions Clinic.

Our skilled aesthetic practitioner will assess your benign lesion and be able to advise you fully as to the best way to treat it to get the best cosmetic result for you. There is nothing worse than having a blemish removed only to find the scar is worse than the original blemish! Unfortunately if you have blemishes removed on the NHS, little consideration is given to the cosmetic outcome. In fact for most benign skin lesions you will not be able to have it treated on the NHS at all.

If you are faced with going to a private dermatologist in Winchester, Southampton or Basingstoke then you may find the costs of treatment inhibitive. We are cosmetic treatment specialists and therefore we work towards the best visual result for you.

Benign skin lesion removal in Winchester – Gallery of conditions we treat >> 

We treat clients from Winchester, Southampton, Basingstoke and all over Hampshire for a variety of benign skin lesions.


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