Chemical Face Peels

Chemical Face Peel for More Even & Toned Skin

Chemical peel

Before and after chemical peel for pigmentation caused by sun damage

A Chemical face peel is used to improve the texture and tone of skin that may have been either environmentally damaged (e.g. sun damaged) or damaged by acne or other skin problems & conditions. A chemical face peel will balance out uneven tone and texture and can improve conditions such as acne as it exfoliates the skin and unblocks pores on a deeper level. A chemical face peel may be a good solution if you have multiple skin problems such as age spots, scars, wrinkles.

Generally speaking, after a chemical peel your skin will look more youthful, even in tone, less scarred and it will be tighter and firmer than it was before you had the treatment. A chemical peel will not remove all flaws, however the doctor treating you will be able to advise you about other treatments which may benefit your particular skin condition. Some blemishes may be better addressed on an individual basis using our Advanced Cosmetic Procedures. Chemical peels are more suited to larger problem areas.

Chemical Face Peel Treatments: What to Expect

Chemical peel for acne

Before and after acne treatment using  a course of chemical peels

There are several types of peel available depending on what you would like to achieve. A chemical face peel may only take about ten minutes, however an initial consultation would be carried out prior to treatment to ensure that the treatment is right for you and that you know what to expect after your treatment. You will always be advised on the best level of peel to address your skin concerns.

After your peel you may need to allow some down time. During this time old skin will come away leaving new fresh skin below. Your down-time will be between one day and two weeks depending on which peel strength you decide on.

Chemical face Peels in Winchester

At the Evolutions Skin Clinic we offer both Clinical peels and Medical peels. Clinical peels are milder and best suited to refreshing the skin and removing light scarring, acne and pigmentation whilst medical peels are stronger and will address more serious deeper scarring  and pigmentation.

With all of our chemical face peels a course of treatment is recommended to get the best results, and it may take more than one session to see an improvement within the skin texture and tone. Call us today on 01962 809937 to book a initial consultation.

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