Client Charter

The Skin Evolutions Clinic Client Charter – Honest, Professional & Efficient

The Skin Evolutions Clinic Client Charter makes 5 promises encompassing the clinic’s commitment to always provide its clients with the highest standards of customer service, treatment and professionalism.

In becoming an integral part of the company’s operation, Skin Evolutions Clinic Client Charter has developed a position and reputation of its own. Since its inception, it has attracted widespread local acclaim.

The Skin Evolutions Clinic is known for its top class customer service.

What you can expect from the Clinic, our 5 Promises

  1. You will be treated courteously by clinic staff.
  2. Treatment costs will be discussed with you prior to any treatment beginning.
  3. Any further requirement for top up treatment and any cost involved will be discussed prior to treatment beginning.
  4. Your appointment will be on time as far as is reasonably practicable. There may be occasions out of our control where this may not happen.
  5. Your treatment will be conducted in accordance with appropriate treatment protocols with respect to the treatment and hygiene.

Our Commitment – Courteous, Professional, Honest, Efficient, Hygenic

We’re committed to keeping the promises we’ve made in this Customer Charter, and will review them annually. If you feel we have failed then please email us at letting us know how you feel we have failed. Your feedback is important to us to help us give the best service we can. Where we feel there is a genuine grievance we will contact you to try to resolve the problem within 24 hours.

How we treat your confidential personal information

The Evolutions Clinic abides by the data protection act. Information is taken for three reasons:

  1. To ascertain suitability for treatment and kind of treatment to be offered.
  2. Compliance with governing bodies where applicable.
  3. Marketing and promotional reasons (your express permission will be sought for this and it is completely optional whether you wish to receive marketing information from us. You can also opt our of hearing from us at any time ).

Data is stored either electronically or on hard copy. Electronic data storage is subject to password protection and its access is restricted to clinic staff that have a legitimate need to access it for treatment or for the purpose of offering you advice. Hard copy is stored in a physically secured storage system.

Client confidentiality is paramount and your personal information is only used as above.

We promise to never share your details with anyone else.

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