What is Poikiloderma?

PoikilodermaPoikiloderma is a skin condition characterized by mottled pigmentation and often thread veins. It is most commonly found on the sides of the neck and upper chest areas of the skin. The main cause is believed to be sun exposure, and therefore the area directly under the chin is usually spared.

Poikiloderma was first described by pioneer American pediatrician Abraham Jacobi in 1906. The condition manifests itself in many ways. Areas of affected skin may be speckled red and inflamed, yellowish and/or brown, gray or grayish-black. There may be scaling and a thinness of the skin.  On the surface of the skin, these areas may range in size from relatively small patches to areas covering large parts of the body.

Typically though, the condition occurs on the neck, face, arms, anywhere where sun damage has occurred. Though sun damage contributes to the condition, the exact mechanism is unknown. Contributing factors are:

  • Fair skin
  • Accumulated sun exposure
  • Photosensitising components of cosmetics and toiletries especially perfumes
  • Hormonal factors

Poikiloderma is a bit of a mixed bag of a condition, manifesting it;s self in a variety of ways including broken capillaries, pigmentation, keratinisation.

Poikiloderma Treatment at Skin Evolutions

Due to the complex nature of this skin condition it may need a combination of approaches to treat it including advanced cosmetic procedures and topical skin products. Click here to find out more about Advanced Cosmetic Procedures>> To book a consul;tation, call us today on 01962 809937

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