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Scar Reduction Treatments at Evolutions Skin Clinic

scar before and after treatmentScars are made of fibrous tissue (also known as fibrosis) and these fibrous tissues replace the normal skin after injury during the healing process. The scar tissue results from the biological process of wound repair in the body and is noticeable on the skin often as raised or sometimes sunken areas which are often darker than the surrounding skin. Scarring that hasn’t faded or has left you with pitted or raised areas on the face or body can effectively be treated at The Evolutions Clinic in Winchester.

We use the latest treatments which include dermastamping, dermaroller, platelet rich plasma treatment and chemical peels to reduce the appearance of scars. We also stock Kelo Cote silicone wound healing products for scar reduction and scar prevention.  Treatment will depend upon the type of scar, how many scars etc that you want treated and your personal requirements. Call us today for a consultation on 01962 809937 for scar reduction in Winchester.

More about Scar Reduction Treatment

Scar tissue contains the same protein (collagen) as the damaged tissue that it replaces,  However the collagen fibre composition of normal tissue is a random basket-weave formation. In fibrosis the collagen cross-links and forms a pronounced alignment in a single direction. Slowly over time this cross linked collagen should be replaced by normal collagen fibres and the scar will fade. However, this process is often incomplete leaving some scarring. This is where we can help. Our treatments including micro needling (derma roller and derma stamp) and PRP are designed to stimulate new collagen production in the treatment area and this new normal collagen rapidly replaces the old cross linked scar tissue leading to scar reduction.

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Scar Reduction in Winchester at The Evolutions Skin Clinic

The Evolutions Skin Clinic offers effective treatments for many skin blemishes including scar reduction treatments. Scar reduction in Winchester is handy for our clients in Southampton, Andover, Basingstoke, Salisbury, Portsmouth and Petersfield.

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