Sclerotherapy And Microsclerotherapy Treatment For Veins

sclerotherapy for spider veinsMicrosclerotherapy or sclerotherapy is a technique used for the removal of surface veins including thread veins and spider veins. Microsclerotherapy involves injections with a very fine needle attached to a syringe which contains a sclerosing solution. This sclerosing solution  irritates the lining of the veins which causes the vein walls to swell slightly and stick together. This prevents blood from flowing through the veins. In the weeks following treatment, the veins will be broken down and absorbed by the body. Sclerotherapy treatment is carried out by our cosmetic doctor here at Evolutions in Winchester.

We recommend sclerotherapy and microsclerotherapy for the treatment of red or blue thread veins and spider veins on the legs and body. Facial vascular marks are usually treated using Advanced Cosmetic Procedures.

What can I expect after sclerotherapy treatment?

Veins will usually become less visible immediately. However, there may be some bruising and this can last anything from two weeks to three months depending on the size of the blood vessels treated and may therefore look worse before they look better. With patience good results can be achieved.  You will have to wear a compression garment, (usually stockings) which covers the treatment area for up to three days to help reduce the amount of bruising. It is best to leave a two week period between treatments on the same area to allow bruising to settle. Some areas may be more susceptible to swelling after sclerotherapy than others. Areas such as the ankle and knee for example.

Generally 60 – 70% percent of  veins treated at any one session usually disappear. Most or even all of the vessels treated during a course of sclerotherapy will be removed.

Thread veins are very fine dilated veins lying just beneath the surface of the skin. In some patients thread veins are caused by varicose veins but in other people they occur without any other vein  problem. Our doctor will carry out a venous assessment to make sure that there is no underlying condition causing your thread veins. Treating surface veins caused by varicose veins, even though they are not visible, may mean that the thread veins return. It is advisable to treat the root cause, ie varicose veins first.

The best form of treatment for small veins such as spider veins and thread veins is microsclerotherapy. Some doctors use lasers to treat thread veins, but experts in vein problems find that these are not very effective in comparison to injection treatment.


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