Sebaceous Cysts

About Sebaceous Cysts or Steatomas

sebaceous cysts on back

Sebaceous Cysts can be described as rounded small bumps under the skin, that are often yellowish or whitish in appearance depending on the skin type of the person. Sizes range from a pea to a boiled egg and they’re usually found on the neck, face, back, or genitals – but they can develop almost anywhere.

Sebaceous Cysts are actually a closed sac, filled with oily material and cheesy-like substances that develop under the skin. The cheese-like, oily substance that fills the sac is normally due to either a build up of sebum blocked by an overgrowth of surface skin, or hair follicles that were damaged and have swollen up, or skin trauma such as an injury. They are slow growing, painless lumps but they can on occasion become tender and inflamed.

They may also be heredity, especially to those with a genetic disorder such as Gardner’s Syndrome.

Sebaceous cysts usually affect more men than women and predominantly occur after the age of puberty, and although Sebaceous Cysts are not usually harmful they can be uncomfortable and unsightly. They can also become reddish and drain a yellowish substance that has an offensive odour or can became swollen and infected over time.


Treatment for Sebaceous Cysts at the Skin Evolutions Clinic in Winchester

sebaceous cystWe can treat sebaceous cysts using advanced cosmetic procedures to aspirate the cyst and break down the membrane. Click here to find out more about the treatment>> The process is fairly pain free and takes just a few minutes to do. We will conduct a consultation prior to undertaking treatment. During treatment the cyst may be able to be emptied by gently squeezing its contents once the blockage has been dealt with. Normally cysts are soft moveable, but any cyst that has turned solid should be dealt with by a medical practitioner as there may be more complications. Call us today on 01962 809937 for a consultation.

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