Skin Blemishes

Skin Blemishes

Skin blemishes come in many different guises. Anything the client considers to be an imperfection can be described as a blemish. Blemishes include scars, excess or uneven pigmentation, thread veins, birth marks, moles, stretch marks…… the list goes on!

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Skin Evolutions in Winchester offers effective treatments for all kinds of skin blemishes. Since skin blemishes vary so much both in type and size we invite potential clients to come along for a consultation to discuss their treatment options. There is often more than one method of treatment and the treatment chosen will depend upon what the client wants to achieve, cost and treatment time.

You will also be advised during your consultation as to any after care required in order for the treatment to heal effectively. Some treatments require no aftercare whilst others may require the application of a protective balm.

Treatments include IPL to break down pigmentation, reduce veins and reduce scarring; Advanced Cosmetic Procedures to remove skin tags and warts. Skin Evolutions offers effective treatments for all kinds of skin blemishes in our clinic in Winchester.

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