Skin Conditions & Blemishes

Skin Blemishes Treated At Our Clinic In Winchester

At the Evolutions Clinic we treat many skin blemishes using some of the most up to date methods available. Skin blemishes treated include blemishes such as acne scars, stretch marks, skin tags and warts; and unwanted hair. Our aim is for you to have beautiful skin! Our procedures are non surgical and give extremely natural results enhancing your skin and minimising or removing blemishes and unwanted hair.

Blemishes, Marks, Scars & Moles

Would you like to get rid of unsightly blemishes and scars? Scarring, stretch marks, acne, skin tags, warts, moles, thread veins and other unsightly skin blemishes can all be treated by our highly skilled practitioners using various techniques. Treatments will either completely remove your blemish or minimise it’s appearance.  The result achieved will depend upon the type of blemish. During your consultation we will always advise you fully of the results you can expect before you commit to any treatment.

Age Related Skin Blemishes

Would you like more youthful evenly toned skin? Age related skin blemishes include brown spots, age spots, thread veins, seborrhoeic warts, blood spots and generally uneven skin tone. Age related blemishes are not just related to age, they often are a combination of age and lifestyle. For example, smoking, sun damage, inadequate skin hydration etc. Blemish removal can be achieved either by directly treating the area and physically removing the blemish or by stimulating the bodies own repair and regeneration process, allowing the blemish to be naturally removed as the skin regenerates. This literally turns back the clock on the ageing process thus reducing your age related blemishes and evening out the tone of your skin.

Skin Blemishes Gallery

Please see our picture gallery of skin blemishes. Pictures are of “typical” examples of various skin blemishes and skin conditions most of which we are able to treat. If you don’t see your blemish here or you don’t recognise it from the pictures it is still worth giving us a call. We may be able to identify it for you. If we can not treat it we will advise that you consult your GP. Please note that we are unable to treat cancerous lesions of the skin. There are sometimes more than one type of treatment that may be used to treat your problem. Together we can assess which treatment is right for you at your initial screening appointment.

Age Spots, Liver Spots (

Skin conditions, age spots


Campbell De Morgan Spots or Blood Spot (

Skin conditions Campbell De Morgan or blood spot

campbell De Morgan Spots


Milia or Milk Spots (

milia around the eye



Mole (

We may need consent from your doctor before treating certain types of mole.


mole with hair




Molluscum Contagiosum (

molluscum contagiosum





Sebaceous cyst (

sebaceous cyst

sebaceous cysts on back


Sebaceous hyperplasia

sebaceous hyperplasia

sebaceous hyperplasia below the eye


Skin Tag (

skin tag

skin tags

Spider Veins (

spider veins


Thread Veins (

thread veins around nose

thread veins close up


Warts (

There are many different kinds of warts, below are some typical examples. If in doubt consult your doctor.

Common Wart

common wart

common warts on finger




filiform on eyelid


Mosaic Wart

mosaic warts

mosaic warts on the foot


Periungual wart

We are currently unable to treat this condition, your doctor will be able to advise you further.

periungual warts



Plane Wart

plane wart


Seborrhoeic Wart

seborrhoeic keratosis

Seborrhoeic keratosis outbreak

seborrhoeic keratosis cluster

Seborrhoeic keratosis raised


Verruca Wart

verucca wart




Skin conditions we treat at the Evolutions Clinic Winchester

Many of the skin conditions shown above can be treated in a single appointment. Our advanced cosmetic procedures are safe and relatively pain free. They avoid unnecessary surgery and down time and minimise scarring.

Sometimes there may be more than one way to treat skin conditions. We can discuss your options when you come for your initial consultation. ACP or advanced cosmetic procedures are our preferred method of treatment for warts, skin tags and moles, however thread veins can sometimes be treated using photo regeneration. More severe thread veins may require sclerotherapy.

Treatments for Your Skin Problems

Don’t worry, The Evolutions Skin Clinic can treat you quickly, effectively, in safety and in confidence. Please see the menu items for treatments or click here for an overview of the skin problems treated at our clinic in Winchester.


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