Skin Tags

Skin Tags – Verruca Filiforms, Fibroepithelial Polyp/Papilloma or Acrochordon

skin tagSkin tags (also called Acrochorda) are very common and they often appear with a neck somewhat like a tiny mushroom. Skin tags vary in size from smaller than a grain of uncooked rice to larger than a broad bean. They are associated with friction either skin against skin or skin against clothing and so they are often found in the groin, under the breasts, around the neck and under the armpits.

Skin tags grow either on their own, or several in a cluster. The colour of a skin tag is usually the same as the surrounding skin, but they can become darker and therefor more noticeable, sometimes they are mistaken for moles.

Some skin tags have a clearly defined stalk which attaches it to the body while others have developed with the whole body growing off of the skin. It is for this reason, also the area in which the skin tag is located, and client comfort that will determine the best treatment process. Some skin tags can be removed straight away and others are best treated and left to die and drop off on their own.

What causes skin tags?

skin tagsSkin tags are caused by the same family of viruses that cause warts, whilst not highly contagious, between different individuals they do seem to spread on one individuals and are contagious in this respect.

Skin tags are benign growths and they pose no risk to health. They can however be irritating when they are caught on clothing or by razors, thay can also sometimes be unsightly and affect confidence and it is for these reasons they are usually removed.


Skin Tag Removal at the Skin Evolutions Clinic

We can treat your skin tags quickly and effectively with Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (cosmetic diathermy)or Radio surgery and usually only a single treatment is needed to remove them completely. Click here to find out more about the treatment>>.  If you have several skin tags we can treat several in one simple quick and effective treatment.

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