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About Our Stretch Mark Reduction Treatment

Stretch mark reduction in WinchesterEvolutions is at the forefront of the scar reduction and stretch mark reduction treatments available today. We use medical skin needling, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) and specialist clinically proven pharmaceutical products to reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks and restore a degree of elasticity to the skin.

There is no need to suffer stretch marks. We offer effective clinically proven scar reduction treatment for existing stretch marks and clinically proven  preventative treatments for stretch marks too. Talk to us today about stretch mark treatment and stretch mark reduction on 01962 809937

What Can We Do to Reduce Stretch Marks?

We offer the latest approach to skin regeneration and stretch mark reduction in Winchester at Evolutions. Our treatment for stretch marks uses medical skin needling and platelet rich plasma therapy. These treatments stimulate collagen production in the skin to restructure the scar tissue in the stretch marks. Medical skin needling can be done using synthetic growth factors, either synthetically derived or using your own plasma derived growth factors (platelet rich plasma therapy).  We use concentrated epidermal growth factors, either synthetic or from your on blood to stimulate stem cells in the treatment area to produce collagen. Plasma will be delivered into the treatment area using a combination of traditional injection methods and dermaroller/mesotherapy.

Stretch Mark Reduction Products

stretch mark reduction

Kelo-Cote Stretch by Sinclaire IS, manufacturers of scar treatment Kelo-Cote, used by plastic surgeons worldwide to reduce post op scarring

Stretch marks can be reduced and a degree of elasticity restored to the skin using the methods above. Ongoing skin care using Kelo-Cote Stretch whilst the skin is repairing can also help. We are stockists for the clinically proven Kelo-Stretch cream from the makers of Kelo-Cote (the scar treatment used by plastic surgeons world wide), Sinclaire IS Pharma. Kelo Cote Stretch can safely be used on existing stretch marks after medical skin needling treatment or PRP treatment.

Kelo Cote Stretch contains TECA- a natural ingredient which stimulates collagen production in the skin.

Gently massage into skin twice a day for 3 months on existing stretchmarks to reduce their appearance.

Stretch Mark Reduction in Winchester at Evolutions Skin Clinic

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