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Wound healingFrom a purely cosmetic viewpoint wounds are undesirable and the sooner they heal the better. We offer Youki advanced wound healing products which create optimum healing conditions to encourage a scar free healing.

Wound healing, is the process in which the skin (or another organ-tissue) repairs itself after an injury. In normal skin, the outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis and the inner laying dermis form a protective barrier against the external environment.If that barrier is broken, the process of wound healing is immediately set in motion. The classic model of wound healing is divided into three or four sequential, yet overlapping, phases:


  1. The inflammatory phase. Bacteria and debris are removed from the wound, and factors are released that cause the migration and division of cells involved in the proliferative phase.
  2. The proliferative phase is characterized by collagen deposition, granulation tissue formation, epithelialization, and wound contraction. New blood vessels are formed and epithelial cells proliferate and ‘crawl’ atop the wound bed, providing cover for the new tissue.[7]
  3. The contraction phase. The wound is made smaller by the action of myofibroblasts, which establish a grip on the wound edges and contract themselves.
  4. Maturation and remodelling phase, collagen is remodelled and realigned along tension lines and cells that are no longer needed are removed by apoptosis (natural predetermined cell death).


The wound healing process under the right circumstances is a complex but effective mechanism. However it can easily be interrupted which can extend the wound healing process or halt it altogether.


Wound healing problems

The healing process is not only complex but fragile, and susceptible to interruption or failure. Wound healing problems can occur leading to the formation of non-healing chronic wounds. There are many lifestyle and age related factors which may contribute to this including diabetes, venous or arterial disease, old age, and infection.

Even a healthy individual may have problems with wounds healing slowly on occasion. Wounds which heal slowly are more prone to leaving scars so it is important to be able to help a wound heal under optimal conditions to minimise scarring.


Youki Advanced Wound Healing

Youki Advanced wound healing range is available at Evolutions. Using topical application of growth factors and amino acids essential to skin healing, wounds heal quickly and with a better cosmetic outcome, i.e. minimal scarring.  Call us today to find out more on 01962 809937

Youki advanced wound healing


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